President Obama Can Eat What He Wants

obama eating tacosWhat people decide to eat is not really any of my business. Plus examining other people’s diets sounds excruciatingly boring. Who cares if Betty topped her chicken and waffles with seven strips of bacon instead of having plain yogurt and organic granola for breakfast? I certainly don’t. Not my breakfast, not my muffin top, not my cardiac arrest, not my concern.


I don’t care about your breakfast because you probably don’t care about mine (even though it was totally delicious today). But it’s okay that you don’t care -- I like making my own choices about what to put in my mouth. I’m not stupid. I know that when I decide to splurge on chocolate or wine or buffalo chicken dip that I’m going to have to make up for it with lettuce for dinner or extra time at the gym. Or, you know, just decide to be fat. 

It’s my choice. Period. The end. Eat small portions of healthy foods with a treat here or there and be slender and healthy. Eat massive amounts crap and gag at the thought of a radish and be a walking advertisement for Lipitor. Whatever I decide doesn’t concern you.

Michelle Obama has made it her mission to combat childhood obesity. That’s fine. Every First Lady needs a project, and while it’s not fighting drug use or promoting literacy of females around the world, educating young people on how to live a healthy lifestyle is a good thing.

But I find it hard to take her seriously. Much like I find it hard to take Al Gore seriously when he talks about global warming, because his own electric bill is $30,000 a year. If the ice caps melt, I’m definitely blaming the Gores for their supercilious use of energy.

I don’t care how much energy someone uses until they tell me to cut back. I don’t care how much someone’s shoes cost until they tell me I need to spread my wealth around. And I don’t care what someone eats, until they start pestering me and my kids about our food choices.

For someone that is so Gung-ho for America to get healthy, Mrs. Obama should probably start in her own home. In the same week that a new USDA food chart was unveiled by the Mom-In-Chief, her other half was in Toledo chowing down on two chili dogs, fries, onion rings, and an extra bowl of chili on the side for good measure.

Just another classic example of do as I say, not as I do.


Image via mediajorgenyc/Flickr

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