Bounce House Blows Away, Making Moms Everywhere Paranoid (VIDEO)

bouncy houseHow I hate the horror stories that start coming every year when the weather gets warm, those horrible tales of summer fun-turned-fatal. Already over the past week we've heard about an 11-year-old girl who fell to her death from a Ferris wheel, a little league player who died when a baseball hit him in the chest, and a bouncy house full of kids swept away by strong winds (13 were injured, thankfully no one was killed), and it's not even technically summer yet. As a mom, stories like these are enough to make me dread the season altogether, or at least consider swearing off amusement parks, beaches, swimming pools, backyards ... let's just sit inside and read quietly all summer, kids, whadd'ya say?


Just look at the chilling footage of high winds whipping this bouncy house around like a plastic bag:

What really tears me apart about these tragedies is that they always involve kids doing normal, everyday, kid-friendly stuff when suddenly ... disaster strikes! Of course all accidental deaths are unexpected and shocking but the poor child who was disemboweled when she sat on a filter in a swimming pool a few years back? Really?? I wish I'd realized the universe was truly that random and/or cruel before I had kids of my own.

I know it's just the way of the world and every heart-breaking story I hear should simply make me stop and give thanks that my kids are safe and healthy. And I am thankful, but I'm mostly scared and pissed off. Why, why, why must these things happen? I wish I could really, truly, sign on as a member of the "everything happens for a reason" club, but I just can't stop hyperventilating with fear long enough to pick up the pen. Oh me of little faith!

If any of you moms out there have some words of wisdom for me, a piece of advice on how to enjoy my kids' summer vacation without being haunted by visions of roller-coaster cars running off the rails, please feel free to share them here!

How do you keep summer horror stories from ruining your vacation?


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