Congressman Anthony Weiner Can Sext Whomever He Wants

anthony weinerWuh-oh, Weiner! New York Congressman Anthony Weiner may be on an express train to a land known as Arnold Schwarzenegger/John Edwards/Bill Clinton Scandal-ville. If you recall, last weekend, he was caught up in a Twitter incident surrounding the tweeting of a "lewd photo" depicting a man's underwear bulge. He claimed it was the work of a hacker, but then couldn't say "with certitude" that the photo wasn't his. That was fishy! The latest development: Andrew Breibart's Big Government site reported this morning that a new woman has come forward with photos, chat transcripts, and emails sent to her by the congressman. The evidence seems to suggest the two were involved in "an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs."


As if that weren't enough, RadarOnline reports that a woman (another one?) identified only as a "Democratic campaign worker" was involved in a lengthy "sexting" exchange with the congressman via Facebook last month. She also says she had phone sex with Weiner for 30 minutes. Ha ha, because the length of time is oh-so-crucial!

Finally, ABC News is saying they're going to come out with the name of one of the women (likely the one who came forward with the new photos) shortly, and Weiner is planning to hold a press conference this afternoon, according to the congressman's office.

Hooooo boy!!! This is getting spicy, huh?! Err ... or. Maybe not at all. With all this new info that's coming out and given what we already know has gone on with other politicians who are still making headlines for their infidelities -- which by comparison seem significantly worse than any sexting/cybersex foul play -- I'm inclined to believe the women who are coming forward. Sure, they could just be seeking 15 minutes of fame, but eh, I bet more likely, Weiner might be a horny guy who likes exchanging nudie pics, sexting, having phone sex, etc. No big surprise there.

More importantly, it's not really any of our business. Of course we're curious, because it's a political scandal, which we can't seem to get enough of these days. But as far as concerning ourselves with the possibility that a congressman did something decidedly wrong? Uh, no. As far as we know, there is no wrongdoing here. It just sounds like consensual tech-sex ... which may or may not be considered infidelity. If any of this is true, the only person who should make it her business and possibly feel wronged is Weiner's wife, but that's between them. 

As for the rest of us, maybe we should turn our attention to some of the bigger problems in government. It's not like we're suffering for lack of those.

Who cares if Anthony Weiner is sexting the heck out of ladies on Twitter and Facebook? What does it matter to the average American?

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