Law Graduate Sues Her School for World's Most Ridiculous Reason

gavelA woman who can't seem to secure a full-time job as a lawyer is suing her former law school, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, for $50 million. In other news, the world record in irony was just broke.

The litigious lady says that the college lied about its post-graduate employment statistics. She also says that she would "not have attended TJSL and incurred more than $150,000 in school loans if she knew the truth about her job prospects upon graduation."

I say welcome to the real world, you delusional woman. And, hey, congrats on passing the bar!


When I graduated college, it took me a few months to secure my first job. Granted, I spent that unemployed time drinking vodka mixed with Country Time lemonade in the backyard of my North Hollywood rental, but it was rough. Each morning I would get up, head over to the home of my "friend with the Internet," fire off a few cover letters and resumes, and head back to my place for "vodka-aides" with Frank, Jerry Lewis's ex bodyguard. True story. It wasn't long before the days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months. And the months eventually turned into my crappy first job fetching Jamba Juices for the executives at a film company. It all worked out. And I had a gorgeous tan.

And I wasn't alone. Other post-college friends of mine were in the same boat. Hell, for some it took almost a year to find steady work. None of us ever blamed our alma maters, though. Just like you won't praise yours in your 800-number commercials when you make it as a big-time ambulance chaser. See what I mean?

Not to be crass here, but sack up, delusional woman. You'll find a job. The market's crappy right now, plus it always takes time. And look on the bright side: Even though there's no way in hell you're going to win this, the practice is invaluable.

What do you think of this woman suing her law school?

Image via mrbill/Flickr

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