Rielle Hunter Deserves John Edwards' Wrath

rielle hunterToday is a good day. A surprising day, but a good day. A federal grand jury has officially indicted John Edwards and his boyish good looks on felony charges for allegedly misusing campaign funds to hide his affair with Rielle Hunter. I am happy. He is pissed. Rielle Hunter is in trouble.

John is doing what most of us do when things go wrong at work or when we have a crappy commute -- he's taking it out on his (ex?) lover, Rielle. According to an insider, a few weeks ago, when a judge ruled that portions of Edwards' testimony would be made public, Edwards totally unleashed on Rielle:

John took his anger and frustrations out on Rielle. He screamed at her, calling her an idiot for not destroying the tape, and yelling that she made a fool of him for talking him into making it. Rielle was in tears.

The mere sight of John Edwards gives me a visceral reaction, but hearing that he yelled and screamed at Rielle Hunter only brings a smile to my face.


See, John is clearly the bigger dirt bag out of the two. Alas, he was the one married. He was the one with the cancer-stricken wife. He was the one with kids. He was the one running for office, improperly using millions of dollars, blah blah blah, the list goes on.

But Rielle -- she's almost just as bad. Just because she didn't legally do anything wrong, she gets to get off scot-free and live her life as if nothing ever happened. No matter that she slept with a married man. No matter that she knew said man's wife was terminally ill. No matter that she allegedly is the person who initiated the affair! (And don't even get me started on those vomit-inducing half-naked GQ photos she took. "Tee-hee, I didn't know what I was doing!") If we were federally indicting people for moral reasons, Rielle would be right up there with John.

But we're not. So Rielle will continue to live in her fancy penthouse or wherever she lives, show the world her ass, and shop her eventual tell-all book.

Congratulations, Rielle. You've managed to take part in the destroying of a family and stay unscathed. Your daughter should be proud.

What do you think of Rielle Hunter?


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