Massachusetts Tornado Surprises & Scares Us All (VIDEO)

Growing up in the Midwest, one learns to expect tornadoes. But on the East Coast, specifically in Massachusetts, they're a bit of a shock. The tornado that ran through Western Massachusetts on Wednesday, killing three and injuring many others, was a surprise to all of us who live in the area. And with hurricane season on its way, it may get worse for Massachusetts before it gets better.

Though Massachusetts doesn't have a reputation as a tornado state, there have been deadly tornadoes in the past, including one in Worcester nearly 60 years ago that was one of the deadliest in the country's history.

The tornado that tore through Western Massachusetts on Wednesday was only a lightning storm to those of us who live near the city, but out west, it was devastating. See the video:


So, what gives? Why has this tornado season been so terrible? FYI, if it seems like it has, that's because it has been worse. There have been nearly 1,200 tornadoes so far this year, which is twice the number of a normal season and a surprise to scientists. As we enter hurricane season, government meteorologists tell the public about how many hurricanes to expect during the Atlantic season. They're easier to predict.

And it looks like bad news.

The National Hurricane Center, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Colorado State University are all warning that this season, which starts next week and lasts through November, could bring as many as 18 named storms and 6 to 10 hurricanes, including up to five "major" blasts of Category 3 or stronger. They are even predicting that a hurricane could make landfall, unlike in past years.

I love the East Coast and adore living in the Northeast, but between the snow, the cold, and now the massive storms, I am ready to go somewhere -- ANYWHERE -- else. Of course, it looks like the whole country is experiencing this. It's scary.

For some, it may seem apocalyptic, but for others, it's a more practical fear that these heavy winds and devastating storms nurture in their wake. Is this the coming climate change? Are these weather patterns signs of the future?

If so, we should all be afraid. Watch that video and tell me you aren't scared.

Does this weather frighten you?


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