Obama Adds Gay-Friendly Wing to White House

white houseWhen President Obama ordered his administration to stop defending the ridiculous Defense of Marriage Act, which goes by the secret code name "Hold Wedding License Just Out of the Gays' Reach and Yell Nanny Nanny Boo Boo," it was a sign. But by george, we didn't know of what until just this past week. The whole darn White House has gone gay!

Yes indeedy do! In honor of LGBT Pride Month, the WhiteHouse.gov domain has a new page named simply: LGBT. Folks, this is the web equivalent of throwing up another wing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and telling all the gay folks to move on in. It's BIG.


For those of you who don't work on the web and aren't familiar with the make-up of a URL, let me break this one down. When you go online to visit www.whitehouse.gov/lgbt, you're visiting a section of the White House that's all about gay rights issues, from how the gay families showed up to help roll Easter eggs with the Obamas to President Obama's own starring role in the popular It Gets Better video series to help gay teens. Think, their own coming out party to highlight all the work they've done for the gay community.

What's bigger still is the way the administration is playing this one up. Of course we're already in the countdown to 2012, so everything President Obama and all his counterparts in the Republican party are doing is for the votes, but when one of his flunkies he threw an announcement about the new LGBT initiative up on Facebook, it included the words "Winning the Future for LGBT America."


As in, something is still to come. Because as new as this new wing on the White House is, it really just rehashes the old stuff. We've already checked off "not defending constitutionality" of "not in the least bit defendable act." Already repealed "don't ask, don't tell" in our nation's military. Already pushed the United Nations to make gay rights an international priority. Already pushed hospitals to allow same sex partners full visitation rights to their sick loved ones.

So what is next? Obama's home state of Illinois just made civil unions legal the other day. We could start there. Hey, a girl can dream. And maybe it's not such a leap. After all, more Americans support equality in marriage now than don't. He could strike while the iron is hot ... and really make his mark as president.

What's next? What do you expect Obama to do for the gays and lesbians of America ... and for the rest of us, really?


Image via acameronhuff/Flickr

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