Mitt Romney for President? Not Likely

Mitt RomneyIn the political equivalent of some flies buzzing around my dog's head, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney joined the race for president today with the charge that President Barack Obama has "failed America." President Obama's response? He continued on with his plan to visit a Jeep plant in Toledo, Ohio tomorrow morning to take a look at how the economic stimulus has enabled Americans to keep working.

Nice try Mitt! The fact is, the apparently front-runner for the Republicans in 2012 isn't terribly threatening to the president at this point in time. Let's consider a few reasons our president isn't terribly worried about Mitt Romney's candidacy, shall we?


1. His religion. Now that Obama has finally settled the whole birther thing once and for all, he seems to have won back Christians who were worried it would reveal he was a, gasp, Muslim. But Romney remains a Mormon, which makes evangelicals in particular uneasy. Although they meet in the middle on certain social issues, theological differences could swing support to Romney's opponents.

2. RomneyCare. Try as he might, Romney cannot distance himself from the health care reform law he signed into law when he was governor of Massachusetts. Why would he WANT to distance himself, pray tell? Because it's the very law upon which the so-called ObamaCare federal health reform law was based, the law that so many Republican voters despise. Obama knows he likely won't get those people to vote for him in 2012 anyway ... but neither will Romney.

3. He's no Palin. Romney may be at the front of the line, but the rather stiff conservative who has been wearing blue jeans and open collars in the past few months still doesn't have the "gee folks" appeal of Palin, and it shows. She's hot on his heels in the polls.

4. His past. Once upon a time, in a letter to the late Senator Edward Kennedy, Romney admitted that he does have a soul supports equality for gays and lesbians. And then he decided to run for the Republican ticket for president. Boy did that ever bite him in the butt.

Does Romney stand a chance or do the Republicans need to come up with someone stronger to face President Obama?


Image via Matthew Reichbach/Flickr

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