Anthony Weiner Doesn't Know His Own Wiener When He Sees It

congressman weinerNew York Representative Anthony Weiner continues to dip his toe in hot water over this past weekend's Twitter scandal. The latest: He "can't say with certitude" whether or not the close-up, "lewd photo" of an underwear-clad guy is him or not.

When CBS News asked whether the photo was of him, he avoided answer the question, instead noting that ...

Photographs can be inserted, photographs can be manipulated -- we're trying to get to the bottom of it, but the important thing here is this was a prank made on me.

Then, to NBC, he offered the "certitude" line.

I'm with Weiner 100 percent. The focus should be on the fact that he got hacked; that Genette Cordova, the student who was addressed with the tweet is now scarred for life; that maybe this is a sign of foul political play, etc. But excuse me, Congressman? How can you NOT know whether or not it was your package being sent over the web?!


Come on. He has either taken photos of himself in his underwear at some point or he hasn't! He either owns/wears those grey boxer briefs or he doesn't! So, that's sort of odd that he can't distinguish or "say with certitude" whether it was him or not.

The real reason he can't come out and say, "Yeah, that was in my Documents folder..."? Because humans when elected to public office are supposed to become asexual robots who would never do something as "lewd" (a word that belongs in the 1950s, right?) as take a personal photo of their FULLY CLOTHED genitalia! If he were to 'fess up, there's no doubt he'd be deemed a perv by FOX News and all the other prudish, carnival barking right-wing media. They'd probably start a campaign to have him booted out of office. "Weiner Sharing His Wiener Is SOCIALISM!"

Personally, I could care less if a guy  -- yes, even if he's my congressman -- wants to take photos of his man goods, upload them to his computer, email them to his knockout wife who he's probably still hot for (they're practically newlyweds!), whatever. It's no big deal. (Errm, sorry, Congressman -- maybe it is! I don't know. The picture doesn't show much.) I don't want my politicians to be "just like me," but I do prefer for them to be human beings who use both their sex drives and their hard drives! But since too many people in this country are way too uptight to agree with me on that, it's probably best that Weiner just keep mum on whether it was his manhood that was mistakenly tweeted ... or not.

Do you think the man in the "lewd photo" is Weiner? Does it matter?


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