Donald Trump Makes it Hard to Poke Fun at Sarah Palin

donald trump sarah palinIf Sarah Palin is going to take a break from her historical site bus tour, it's going to be for good reason. And that reason came in the form of bad hair, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese Tuesday night when she, Donald Trump, and their families sat down together for a few slices in a Times Square pizzeria. I believe they ordered the Photo-Op Special.

What came out of this mini-MENSA meeting, you're wondering (who isn't?). Let's see, Donald Trump might change his mind and run. Sarah totally wants him to run. They're not teaming up. The Republicans have a death wish. They're totally blase about the press. And Celebrity Apprentice is apparently a hit. Let's talk smack discuss.


Donald Trump is continuing with his "is he or isn't he" schtick in the 2012 Presidential race, telling reporters:

If I'm not happy with what I see, I could very easily change my mind. ... I'm not happy with what I see. In 11 months, I'm totally free to do whatever I want to do.

Ooohhh, is it true this time? Are ya gonna run, Mr. Trump? Ya had us when you said you were, then were ya said ya weren't (because NBC couldn't bare to see you go)! What's it going to be, Mister? (In case you didn't realize, that is supposed to be read in the tone of a 1940s newsboy.) Donald, you need to stop thinking of the public as some desperate high school girl. Enough with the games. Sarah, that goes for you, too. Just say you're going to run and rip the band-aid off already. According to Trump, Sarah would also "love to get him back." Geez, you guys. Get a room already.

Trump also tried to be all, "Oh, what, the press is going to be around when me and Palin get pizza in the most crowded part of New York ... weird." He said of their outing -- ironically, to the press:

This was something very spur of the moment. We were sitting in Trump Tower talking. We had our families there, and we said lets all go out for a piece of pizza. It didn’t take long for the press to figure that out. I guess they followed us or whatever.
Whatevs, indeed, Mr. Trump. And now that Donald is thinking of running as an Independent, which he thinks would suit him "very much better" than running as a Republican, he has some choice words for his old party:
I am looking at the Republicans and I am seeing things – they have a death wish.

Interesting ... Almost as interesting as the fact that we barely made fun of Sarah Palin at all in this post! Whodda thought?

Donald Trump. Love him or hate him?


Image via Andrew Burton/Getty

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