Congressman Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal: Stupid Prank or Dirty Politics?

anthony weiner twitterNew York Representative Anthony Weiner (Democrat)  is an intense, obnoxious, loudmouth. Exactly the kind of guy you want representing your interests in D.C. He's got a bulldog personality and he'll fight for what he believes in -- like health benefits for 9/11 heroes. So even though I hate him, I like him.

Take the way he's handling this recent Twitter scandal.

Someone hacked into the Congressman's account @RepWeiner and sent a lewd crotch shot to all of 46,000 of his Twitter followers (I'm one of the lucky ones though I certainly can't attest to its authenticity, if you know what I mean). The photo was deleted pretty quickly, Weiner acknowledged it as a prank, and that could have been that. Except it's not.


The "crotch shot" (the photo was of a man in grey underwear with hard privates) was tweeted directly to a 21-year-old journalism student (Gennette Cordova) who follows Weiner on Twitter and had once joked that he was her "boyfriend." Cordova, who lives on the West Coast, told the press that she's a fan of Weiner's, but that she's never met him. Conservative bloggers, however, are using the Weiner crotch shot as evidence of a sordid affair.

Weiner has a good sense of humor (as is evidenced by the yearbook photo he uses as his avatar) and initially he made a few jokes via Twitter following the incident:

anthony weiner tweet

anthoony weiner tweet

But although he says it was a prank and he wants to "move on," Weiner has retained a lawyer to look into the possibility of bringing a civil or criminal action against the alleged hacker -- and possibly even Twitter for not keeping the security on his account airtight.

I think he's right to do so. Andrew Breitbart, the blogger who has made allegations of an affair and continues to stir the scandal pot with his repeated posts on "Weiner-Gate," isn't known for his above-board tactics when it comes to dealing with Democrats and liberals.

Anthony Weiner can make -- and take -- a joke. But he's savvy enough to know that this "prank" could actually be dirty politics at play, as in his opponents trying to deflect attention from important issues (health care, the debt limit) and focus it on a "sex scandal." No intense, obnoxious, loudmouthed bulldog is going to stand for that. Especially one from New York. Not when he's got his constituents to represent. God, I hate that guy.

Do you think Weiner should "move on" from the Twitter scandal or take legal action?

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