Breaking News: Bigfoot Found & True Identity Revealed (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

bigfootThis is a big day in America. Not because it's Memorial Day, but because Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch), the legendary big, elusive hairy creature who roams the Pacific Northwest (and is probably a few hundred years old by now) has finally been caught in the woods of Spokane, Washington.

A woman named Samantha and her friends were hiking over the weekend when they captured Bigfoot on her iPhone camera. Okay, so they didn't exactly capture him for real -- but they got good, hard evidence (watch the video, below) of his existence, which was enough for authorities to narrow down the true identity of Bigfoot.

Here's what they're saying about the possible Bigfoot suspects:


Bigfoot could be ...

Zach Galifianakis, actor and star of Hangover 2:

zach galifianakis


Blades, the Boston Bruins Mascot:

boston bruins mascot bear blades


Troy Polamalu, strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers:

troy palamalu


Cousin It from The Addams Family:

cousin it addams family


Well, it looks like those Bigfoot trackers certainly have their work cut out for them. I'd say a line-up is in order. Who do you think is the Bigfoot culprit? Take a look at Bigfoot as captured by Samantha on her camera and decide.


Do you think this picture is real or just another of the many Bigfoot hoaxes? Who do you think Bigfoot is?


Images, top to bottom, via samantha13590/YouTube; TVSquadJulia/Flickr; AndyM/Flickr; acpsd775/YouTube; Dan4th/Flickr;

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