Guy Pole Dances On Subway In Underwear & Stilettos (VIDEO)

new york subway carI love New York. And one of the things I love about it is riding the subway -- not so much when it's hot and crowded and I'm in a rush. But when I have a seat and can take my time, it's always an interesting place to be. You never know who is going to jump between those doors before the train pulls out and treat his or her fellow passengers to a show.

Some performers sing and play instruments, some dance, and others do back flips through the train car (pretty impressive when you think about the space they have to work with). But I've never been lucky enough to have a guy with a really hot body give a pole dance during a single one of my commutes. Passengers who were on a Brooklyn-bound L train last week have though.

Take a look at the video of the performer who showed up on their train and entertained them:

(Please note: There is no offensive nudity here -- the man is wearing tight shorts. But it is pole dancing and so you might want to watch the video when the kids aren't around.)



Wow, I have to admit I have never seen a real pole dancer in action -- male or female. This guy not only had some pretty amazing moves, but his obvious strength is incredible. I'm not sure it was his intent, but he makes a good case for making pole dancing an Olympic sport.

And can I just say ... LOVE the shoes.


What do you think about this guy's pole dancing performance?


Image via S.J. Pinkey/Flicker




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