Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Not a 'War on Women'

debbie wasserman schultzIn the same week that ultra-liberal personality Ed Shultz has been suspended from MSNBC for calling conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a slut, Democratic Congresswoman and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is claiming that the GOP agenda is essentially a war on women.


Ms. Wasserman Schultz arrived at her illogical conclusion by citing the predominantly Republican call to defund Planned Parenthood of federal funds: 

It's just so hard for me to grasp how they could be so anti-women as they are. If you look on balance at the entire record, their record is anti-women, their record is a war on women and it's a priority for them.

Apparently, wanting to defund a corrupt organization of our limited taxpayer dollars equals an intense hating of the female sex. Just in case anyone was wondering, Planned Parenthood is very profitable, which raises the question of whether or not it should be taxpayer funded. 

According to Wasserman Schultz, since Republicans voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the evil right wing is trying to deny poor, destitute women their right to basic health services -- basic health services that don’t include abortions. As we all know, the Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from paying for abortions.

So Republicans must be trying to deny women mammograms and other life-saving cancer screenings.

Except that Planned Parenthood doesn’t generally provide mammograms.

Planned Parenthood is not an awesome organization. It has been caught repeatedly lying about the development of fetuses, aiding illegal underage sex rings, and generally wreaking havoc in women’s lives.

For anyone, let alone a Congresswoman and the head of the Democratic National Committee, to say that wanting to defund Planned Parenthood is declaring a war on women is silly at best.

I’d say that a liberal man referring to a female pundit as a slut is much more akin to war than an entire movement wanting to defund a corrupt organization of taxpayer dollars. 

But what do I know? I’m just a crazy Republican. 


Image via veni markovski/Flickr

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