Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats What He Kills: Where's the Dislike Button?

mark zuckerbergWe already knew Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was intense, but his newest personal challenge sounds excessive -- even for the founder of Facebook.

Zuckerberg is attempting to only eat meat that he kills himself. Personally. He told Forbes his new diet is all part of an effort to learn to "take responsibility and be thankful for [the food he eats] rather than trying to ignore where it came from." So far he's boiled a live lobster, slit a goat's throat, and also killed a chicken and a pig. He and his girlfriend then cook and eat whatever he slaughters.

And I, for one, couldn't be more creeped out ...


Don't get me wrong: I think Zuckerberg's new diet is admirable ... Clarification: I respect the hell out of it. (Further impressive is the fact that he admitted to creating a goal each year -- learning Chinese, wearing a tie every day -- to improve himself.) Many of us could certainly benefit from learning where our meat comes from and being thankful for our food. And, think of the changes that would happen to the food industry if people undertook Zuckerberg's challenge in droves.

But Zuckerberg educating himself about where his food comes from and making informed, responsible decisions about what to eat is one thing; him slaughtering a live animal in the backyard is quite another. I'm only comfortable thinking of Zuckerberg chained to his laptop building Facebook or drinking martinis with Justin Timberlake -- not attacking a goat with a knife and bleeding it out!

We all know Zuckerberg is brilliant and competant -- but do those traits extend to killing animals as well? What sort of training did he get to do this? Apparently, some of Zuckerberg's friends are skeptical of his kill-what-you-eat diet, too. Here's Zuckerberg explaining why he thinks his friends have recently been "loathe to eat too much of what he's cooking."

I guess they feel like I don't have too much meat, so I should eat it myself.

Uh, dude? They're totally grossed out!

Attempting to follow an ethical and sustainable diet is absolutely a commendable pursuit. But when it comes to killing animals for food? Well, let's just leave that to the trained professionals.


Image via Crunchies2009/Flickr

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