Westboro Baptist Church Protests Are Like a 'South Park' Episode

westboro baptist churchThe Westboro Baptist Church and sicko leader Fred Phelps must be bored. The same people who have picketed at military funerals and praised the guy who shot up Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' public meeting, they have a brand new group of innocents to pick on. The victims of the tornado in Joplin, Missouri.

Says this group of wingnuts' website (the ever-disgusting GodHatesFags.com): "Thank God for 125 dead in Joplin." That would be THANK God, not "pray to God" or "Why??? God." Nah, these "Christians" are singing hallelujah this week because people are dead ... and they get to throw a picketing party!

Yawn. Can you call me when something interesting happens? I'm going back to bed until they think of something NEW.


Oh, don't get me wrong. I think it's abhorrent. We're talking about moms, dads, brothers, sisters ... HUMAN BEINGS who died here. When I read about a little baby who just barely survived as the house around him literally disappeared, I cried real, honest to goodness tears. But the wild gnashing of teeth that the statement provoked is EXACTLY what Fred Phelps wants us to do. He's just too darn predictable, folks!

He wants us to start Facebook petitions asking him to back off. He wants us to call the media, call the president, call NASA, do everything we can to keep his little group from traveling from Kansas to Joplin. If we're "successful" at keeping them home, they get their vile message across ... without having to expend one red cent.

I may sound even wackier than him, but consider this. Phelps really got into this pot-stirring as a means to crusade against homosexuality. He was nuts, but ventures such as picketing The Laramie Project, a play based on the life of gay hate crime victim Matthew Shepard, at least fit the profile. But as time went on, he wasn't getting attention for doing the same old, same old. So what's a looney tunes with a hate-filled heart to do? You take a page out of Hollywood and start going big.

Direct to DVD releases don't get much attention. Summer blockbusters do. And what's the marker of every good summer blockbuster? Explosions, natch. So enter explosive statements like "God loves the shooter" (regarding Arizona gunman Jared Lee Loughner) and "Thank God for those dead people."

Really, America, WHO says this stuff? Not a sane person. Certainly not a Christian raised to "turn the other cheek." The answer is a pot stirrer. A guy who wants attention. A whacka-doodle who doesn't care what people think of him, just as long as they're thinking of him at all. He's gone so far over the line that he's become farcical.

So here's the deal, America. Stop. Giving. Him. The. Time. Of. Day. Or better yet, tell him it's his protected right to protest ... so put your money where your mouth is, buddy. Let him run around until he's completely broke, unable to even make videos or pay for his website.

What's the best way to get rid of this creep?


Image via k763/Flickr

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