Nancy Grace's Swift Exit From 'Swift Justice' Is Good for Us All

Nancy Grace has become a victim's advocate, the voice for the oppressed, and the queen of Missing White Girl Syndrome. For the past several years, Grace, a former prosecutor, has become the voice of the lynch mob. Her attitude toward justice -- "guilty until proven innocent" -- is dangerous and is spilling out into our culture in a variety of ways.

Grace, who is leaving her show Swift Justice after only one year, is also at the forefront of everyone's minds as the Casey Anthony trial gets underway in Florida. The young mother stands accused of killing her toddler daughter, and if there was one woman holding the burning torch the highest, it was Grace.

Grace has become the shrill voice that mocks our entire legal and justice system on her news shows every night, and terrifyingly, people seem to respond to her.


Grace has been at the forefront of many controversies. She led the charge on the Duke lacrosse players accused of raping a stripper at a party despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. She insisted and insisted on her show, pushed at the truth, and then ultimately, when the charges were dropped and she was found to be wrong, she brought in a guest host and ignored the whole thing.

Now one could say that she simply went too far in her victim's advocacy and that might be true. Except for how she attacked Elizabeth Smart. Would someone who was so pro-victim really go after the poster girl for pretty missing girls who survived unspeakable crimes if she really cared about anything more than her bottom line? Poor Elizabeth was forced to adamantly defend herself just to get Grace to stop pressing her for details of her kidnapping. And that’s not all.

Grace (according to a published 11th Circuit decision) "played fast and loose with her ethical duties as a prosecutor" back when she was practicing law. She radically embellished the story (which was plenty sad without all of her fabrications) of her own fiance's murder in order to advance her career and has generally done all she can to fan the flames of the blood lust that seems to permeate our culture.

Not only is she unethical, uninformed, and really only out for herself, she is also just a bad lawyer. She has no respect for the legal system and for due process, and she tries (and convicts) people every night on her show who haven't even had a fair trial.

Do we really accept her as someone we want to listen to? She reminds me of every mean girl bully who ever walked the halls of any junior high. She claims to be seeking justice, but all she really wants is fame and the rapt ears of millions.

She is a sham and she is actually doing harm. Her disregard for the truth, both in her personal and professional life, is dangerous. Her "news" isn't news at all, just mass hysteria designed to whip people into a frenzy.

I'm not buying it and neither should anyone else.

Do you like Nancy Grace?


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