6 Reasons to See the Sarah Palin Movie

Sarah Palin is a politician, pundit, hockey mom, and charismatic hottie all rolled into one frightening package. I vehemently disagree with almost 90 percent of the drivel that comes spilling out of her mouth, and yet, like a car crash, I cannot look away. And so next month, I will go see the Sarah Palin movie.

What movie? That would be the super secret $1 million movie produced about Palin that will debut next month in Iowa. The location is no accident. Iowa is where election hopes start. Is this a sign Palin is really going to run?

In fact, it is. And that is reason enough to see it. Because even though I think she is frighteningly small-minded and narrow in her viewpoint and representative of all that is wrong in this country, I still think she could win. G-d help us.

Even if you detest Palin like I do, here are six reasons you should see the film, too:

  • Know your enemy: Sarah Palin wants to reignite her "maverick" brand, which has been damaged since she quit the governorship in 2009 and made a number of political gaffes since then. It's good to know what she has up her sleeve so we can fight it.
  • She has charisma: Admit it, she is impossible to ignore. Lord, I can't stand her, but I find her compelling all the same.
  • She has been eerily quiet: Ever since her "blood libel" gaffe in January following the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, Palin has been quiet. Eerily so. It's unnatural for the woman who likes to go on and on about things even if she has no idea what she is talking about. Gotta keep tabs.
  • She is gorgeous: Sorry, but it's true. I like to look at her. I wish she would be quiet. But she is purty enough to hold my interest for a 90-minute movie.
  • She is entertaining: Even though she proved in the 2008 election that she knows stunningly little about foreign policy and barely even knows the names of most newspapers and magazines, she is folksy goshdarnit! And watching her stumble over her words, look like a deer in headlights, and create garbled commentary full of made-up words is awesome and highly entertaining.
  • She is powerful: Like her or not (not!), she is powerful. Last year, the Republicans swept to a historic victory with which Palin was largely credited. She campaigned and pushed and her opinion mattered. She should be inconsequential, a non-entity to be mocked. But she isn't. People like her "Well I am not all that bright, but I sure am American" folksiness. Somehow "I don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'" has become a rallying cry, and people who hate it can't ignore it.

Will you see this film?


Image via sskennel/Flickr

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