Obama's Pint of Guinness Causes Big 'Brew' Ha-Ha

guinnessWhen President Obama visited Ireland earlier this week and photos appeared of him downing a pint of Guinness in four sips, he became the unofficial spokesperson for the dark brew.

In fact, some have estimated that his inadvertent endorsement is worth as much as $200 million in advertising for the company. It's even been suggested that Guinness cancel its advertising spending for the remainder of the year. Apparently, even the simple act of chugging a beer carries momentous weight when you're the Commander in Chief of the United States.

Of course, not everyone considers the images of the President swilling Guinness to be good for business ...


American distributors of Guinness are likely annoyed at this statement Obama made in Ireland while reminiscing about his domestic encounters with the Irish stout:

I realized it tastes so much better here than it does in the States ... What I realized was, is that you guys are -- You’re keeping all the best stuff here!

Uh, oops.

Not to mention the fact that American brewers would certainly prefer the President to endorse a home-grown brew instead of a foreign beer.

And, on a much more serious note, some conservatives like radio host Laura Ingraham are criticizing the President for enjoying beer while Missourians suffer tornado-related death and devastation:

[You have] heartbreaking pictures and then President Obama lifting a glass of Guinness. There's something about that, that I think hits people in the gut ... Maybe the Irish part of the trip could have been put off to another day.

But the people at Guinness (and parent company Diageo) are only focusing on the positive and enjoying the massive publicity boost that's coming their way. After all, it's not every day you get free advertising from someone as famous as the President. Yet another one of those situations in which good and bad publicity goes a long, long way.

Will you drink Guinness now that you know that President Obama likes it?


Image via gmahender/Flickr

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