Jessica Alba Doesn't Deserve to Be Heard By Congress Over You & Me

Jessica Alba Washington DCWhile President Obama is paying a visit across the pond, it seems Hollywood is having a meet-and-greet in D.C. Well, at least one star made her way to "The Hill" today. Jessica Alba is lobbying members of Congress to ban toxic chemicals in consumer products. She's joined forces with the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition in calling on our government to pass the Safe Chemicals Act.

Alba told Washington reporters that getting pregnant with her daughter Honor Marie four years ago changed the way she looked at things, and she quickly educated herself about the effect of environmental toxins on children's health.

Well, golly gee whiz! Isn't that AMAZING?! Okay, sorry, I just had to indulge my sarcasm for a moment, because the fact of the matter is that Alba is no anomaly. Plenty of other moms and educated citizens are well-aware of what's going on with all the bad-for-us crap in supposedly FDA- and USDA-safe products.


But for some reason, she's the one who's sitting in front of Congress today making a plea that they do something to protect all of us from nasty things that pollute our products -- from parabens to phthalates and everything in between.

I'm personally very invested in this cause, and I'd like to see progress at any cost. Even if it means we have Jessica Alba (not my fave) trotted out in front of starstruck Congresspeople to make the case. I'm sure that's what the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families folks were thinking when they opted to bring her into their fold.

But it's still a little unnerving that Alba, who just happens to have enjoyed slight success as a movie star (but let's be honest, more so as eye candy for most straight American men), is the one our government is willing to listen to? What if you or I wanted to go down to the Hill and testify that we're afraid we're going to get breast cancer from the chemicals in our body creams, or we're sick of having to go out of our way to find sunscreens that aren't filled with neurotoxins for our kids? Would they really listen to little old us?

I'm not so sure. All I'm saying is ... it's unfortunate that it seems like in order to be heard in Washington, we have to start petitioning celebs to represent us and our causes. Maybe that's a reality we'll just have to resign ourselves to.

Does it irritate you that Jessica Alba's voice is being heard over regular American women?

Image via Guillermo Garron/Flickr

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