Trashy Sarah Palin Book Is Too Late to the Party

blind allegianceFormer Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey has written a tell-all book out Tuesday. Titled Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Year, it's based on thousands of emails Palin wrote to Bailey during her time as governor. Sounds like juicy subject matter, right? So juicy, in fact, that the Palin camp is already pushing back on the book, saying it "belongs on the fiction shelves" and dismissing Bailey as a disgruntled ex-employee.

But after reading some of the book's leaked highlights myself, however, I have no idea what the Palin people are so worried about.

See for yourself ...


-According to Bailey, Palin's heart wasn't in governing after she returned to Alaska from her failed run for vice president. As early as February 2009 -- six months before her resignation -- she said she'd "quit tomorrow" if she could find the right excuse. (Is this revelation supposed to be shocking? It was clear to everyone Palin wanted to focus on her potential candidacy for the 2012 election; I doubt anyone was truly surprised when she quit her position as governor to do just that.)

-Bailey also alleged that in 2006, Palin didn't know how to cut-and-paste on Microsoft Word. (Again, this is the opposite of startling as anyone who's ever read a handful of her tweets -- and her accidental tweets -- can tell you.)

-Here's what Bailey's co-author Ken Morris had to say about her ability to be a major political player: "This is a woman who was not meant to be on the stage, emotionally, intellectually, work-ethically on many, many levels ... But now that she's there I don't think she's able to get off." (Um, Palin's opponents have been saying this for years.)

-And, finally, the information we've all been waiting for: The book confirms that Palin -- not Bristol -- is the mother of Trig. Allegedly, Bailey went to see him the morning of his birth. (Except we actually haven't all been waiting for that info, because most sane people already knew that rumor was ridiculous and really cruel.)

Not only are Bailey's "revelations" little more than tabloid drivel, they're, quite frankly, old news. But is the lack of heart, meaning, or significance in the thousands of emails that make up the core of his book his fault -- or Palin's? If Bailey's main goal with the book is to prove that Palin is unfit for presidency because she lacks substance and political weight, he may have done so -- just inadvertently.

Are you going to read the new Sarah Palin book?


Image via Kenneth Morris

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