If the Obama 'Beast' Can Break, What Else Can? (VIDEO)

Nothing says Presidential safety like The Beast -- a big, fat limo that can withstand bullets, chemical attacks, earthquakes and more. Unfortunately, the $1 million bullet proof (bomb proof, chemical weapon proof) limo is missing one feature that generally comes standard in all vehicles -- the ability to drive.

President Obama's limo does not have the nickname "The Beast" for nothing, but today in Ireland, we learned just how heavy that armored metal is when it became stuck on a curb outside the US Embassy in Dublin. So stuck, in fact, that the First Lady and President had to take another form of transport while experts dealt with the wounded vehicle done in, apparently, by a speed bump.

The ultra-modified Cadillac sedan, which is known as Cadillac One in other circles, is built to be like a tank in terms of safety, but she's not exactly graceful. The accident amused onlookers who laughed and cheered after the President and First Lady's car became stuck


The car is worth over $1 million, weighs 8 tons and has an 8-inch thick armour plating on its doors. It even has its own oxygen supply in case of chemical attack and puncture resistant, tires reinforced with Kevlar that can still be used even when flat. And yet, if it can't get you to the 7-11, then it's not even worth the $2.75 you wanted to spend on your Slurpee.

Assuming President Obama and Michelle Obama had more important things than Slurpees to get to, they had to abandon it. And all because it could not clear a lowly speed bump. What's wrong with this picture?

It is fantastic that Obama has such a safe ride. He needs it. I support my tax dollars being used in this manner. However, it makes no sense to build a car that safe that cannot do the basic function we expect a car to perform. That is to say, what good is a beast of a vehicle that can withstand a bomb explosion if it can't drive over a speed bump?

These are the questions to ponder as we consider the fact that our President's car cost $1 million and still has glitches. Awesome.

What do you think of this "Beast" debacle?


Image via YouTube

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