Is Tim Pawlenty Totally Modern or Totally Full of It? (VIDEO)

tim pawlentyIt's official, guys. Tim Pawlenty is running for President! And he didn't make the announcement on some boring ol' Fox News show. And he didn't drop the info via Tweet. Instead, T-Paw -- which is how his official site refers to him -- broke the news with a 2-minute and 15-second, beautifully edited, emotionally scored, Google-referencing video, entitled "A Time for Truth," which is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

See, T-Paw isn't like a regular candidate, he's like a cool candidate. He's like the politician version of Amy Poehler's "fun, young mom" character in Mean Girls. "If you girls are going to drink, I'd rather you do it in the house."


Is this the real Tim Pawlenty? Is he the young, cool Republican's dream candidate? Sort of like how Barack Obama was a few years ago for the Democrats -- except without the nickname "B-Bam" and list of what he's listening to on his iPod on his website? (In case you were wondering, T-Paw is strategically currently rocking out to Kenny Chesney and Bruce Springsteen.)

If Pawlenty is elected, will he communicate with foreign leaders via text? Will he rock an ever-so-slight faux hawk? Will he check into the White House with Foursquare?

Or are these just calculated moves on his behalf in order to be seen as a "totally with it" guy? Call me koo-koo, but I'm thinking that might be the case. To me, Pawlenty doesn't seem young and cool right now. He seems like that weird substitute teacher who tells you it's okay to smoke in the bathroom and cut class -- your secret's safe with him. And even though that guy may be great in the moment, no one ever wants to actually hang out with him. That guy just looks like he's trying too hard. That guy looks kind of lame.

So, T-Paw, I do not want to call you T-Paw. I'll save the "first letter of first name/shortened last name" monikers for athletes and dudes I've worked with for two or more years. Not Presidential candidates. And, dude, I really don't care what you're listening to on your iPod.

Check out T's announcement video:

What do you think of T-Paw -- er, Tim Pawlenty?

Image via marcn/Flickr

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