Westboro Baptist Church Raises $50K for Gay Rights (VIDEO)

westboro baptist churchThey didn't mean to, but finally the hatemongers of Westboro Baptist Church made a positive contribution to humankind. Because of them, $50,000 will be donated to the Gay Men's Health Crisis.

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is donating the sum in the church's name (ha!) -- $1,000 for each WBC member who showed up (in protest, of course) to her show Friday night in Topeka, Kansas, home of the WBC. She promised to do so last week via Twitter: "Hey guys! For every WBC protester who shows, $1,000 donation will be made in their name to the Gay Men's Health Crisis! Making lemonade . ."

While the original attendance reported was 48, she decided to round up. "Ends up it's $50,000. The inbreds said 48 showed up, so I made it an even 50."

Here she is confronting the haters ... who look anything but amused:


I love that she did this. Such a great way to turn their hateful crap into something positive ... and stick it to them at the same time. They -- who have protested everything from a dead marine's funeral to that of Elizabeth Taylor -- deserve it.

I don't understand people who spread such hate. I get perhaps not understanding another lifestyle or even not agreeing with it, but to go out to protest people's personal choices with such malice is unforgivable. And the saddest part is all those children there with these extremists -- being raised to hate others. It's sad, just sad.

So kudos to Lampanelli. I'd love to see others who have the funds to do so follow in her footsteps. Wouldn't it be great if at some point Westboro Baptist Church inadvertently became among the biggest contributors to gay causes?

What do you think of Lisa Lampenelli donating to Gay Men's Health Crisis in the name of Westboro Baptist Church?

Image via YouTube

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