$2 Million Lotto Winner Collecting Food Stamps Is American Embarrassment

moneyDo you ever get that feeling once in a while where you're just so damn proud to be an American? Maybe it stems from catching a glimpse of our fine flag billowing tall and proud in the wind on a crystal clear day. Perhaps it hits you when you're standing up at a ballpark, cap in one hand, Budweiser in the other, singing along to the National Anthem. Or maybe it comes from Leroy Fick.

You see, Leroy Fick is one of our nation's many people using food stamps to pay for his meals. Unlike many of these other people, though, Leroy won a $2 million jackpot.


Fick won the jackpot in the "Make Me Rich!" contest last June, resulting in a cash-out of about $850,000, yet he still swipes his Michigan Bridge Card, an electronic version of food stamps. And according to his lawyer -- and only his lawyer -- Fick isn't doing anything wrong.

He did call the state. Not to mention, the state knows he won. They issued the check. It's not him. As far as him doing the right thing by the (Department of Human Services), he did the right thing.

But ... but ... he's still using his food stamps. And he's rich. This isn't the first time the government forgot to file a piece of paper or two (though it's one of the few times it's in someone else's favor). How is he able to swipe that card then look at himself in the mirror? People are dying of starvation in the world!

Fick doesn't care, though. He's just a cool dude with lots of money and a free meal ticket who isn't going to be rattled by anyone. In fact, when a reporter at a Michigan news station questioned him about his behavior, he simply stated:

If you're going to try to make me feel bad, you aren't going to do it.

Amen, Mr. Fick, Amen.

What do you think of Leroy Fick staying on food stamps?


Image via Refracted Moments/Flickr

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