Arnold Schwarzenegger Ruins It for Male Governors Everywhere

arnold schwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger is being slammed by politicians (and everyone else) after news broke that he had fathered a child with a family employee 10 years ago, which led to the separation last week from his wife, Maria Shriver. One of the more vitriolic reactions came via Tweet from former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm who had some frank words for The Governator:

Another guy guv admits 2 cheating on his wife. Maybe we need more women governors. Guys: keep ur pants zipped, for Pete's sake. #Arnold

Let me attempt to translate Granholm's statement in case you're finding it difficult to decipher: There should be more women governors in America because, as Schwarzenegger so clearly demonstrated, men are too oversexed for the job!


Now, let the record show that I'm all for more female governors -- but only because I believe many women would perform brilliantly in the position and should be offered the opportunity, and NOT because men can't keep their pants zipped.

Granted, if you're counting, there have been several male governors involved in sex scandals of late including: South Carolina's Mark Sanford, New York's Eliot Spitzer, Nevada's Jim Gibbons, New Jersey's Jim McGreevey, and West Virginia's Bob Wise. And, only one female governor -- Nikki Haley of South Carolina -- has been accused of sexual misconduct in recent memory. But the number of male governors overall FAR exceeds the number of females (an unacceptable problem in an of itself); so, of course, more men would be caught philandering. It's not an issue of morality, it's just simple math.

Granholm, like many of us, is angry and frustrated with Schwarzenegger for keeping his child a secret to protect his political career. And anger and frustration can lead even the best of us to make immature, judgemental, unprofessional statements via a casual public forum like Twitter -- this can be forgiven.

But coming from someone who is well-aware that there needs to be more females in leadership positions, this comment is deplorable. As a former leader herself, Granholm is in the perfect position to intelligently argue the merits of having more women represent us in government. And a baseless claim that women are less likely then men to cheat is all she could come up with? I expect much more from my leaders -- regardless of whether or not they can keep their pants zipped.


Image via Port of San Diego/Flickr

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