Cops Deny Being the Long Island Serial Killer

badgeSo, unless you live under a rock, you know about the Long Island Serial Killer. You're a busy person, though, so you may not have been following it every step of the way. Well, the latest was that two NYPD cops were suspects in the case. Now, the real latest is the NYPD is denying that these two cops are suspects.

Sunday the New York Post reported that two police officers -- one current, one former -- who got into trouble for soliciting prostitutes were being eyed in the murders. The ex-cop is, well, an ex-cop, and the current cop got reassigned to a boring desk job

But when the NYPD heard about the Post's report, they were all, "Heeeelll no" to Newsday, saying:

No NYPD officer has been identified as a suspect. I have no information that an individual who retired 20 years ago is a suspect either.

What if the cops denying it are the cops who commited the crime? Kind of a catch-22, wouldn't you say?


Now, I'm not saying that the cops denying things did anything wrong. I'm simply pointing out how being a police officer when a police officer is a suspect of a crime is a bit of a quandary, a conflict of interest. Or it's just awesome. 

I mean, they're the people in charge. They're the ones with all the ties to the law. They're the ones doing the investigating! Of course it's not going to be one of them. Although, that kinda stuff happened in The Wire all the time and it was excellent writing. Do you think David Simon has anything to do with this?

No, seriously, the cops have been taking a lot of heat lately for "one of their kind" being involved in the killings. Supposedly an unnamed police officer was the last person to talk to one of the women who was killed, and The New York Times reported last week that the killer(s) could have a law enforcement background.

Hmm ... sounds a little fishy. But does it really matter? Because if you're the one doing the investigating, you'll probably protect yourself.


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