Video of Naked Insane Subway Rider Is Okay By Me

naked subway

Okay, I've seen an insane subway rider or two in my day, but the guy who stripped down to his birthday suit on a 6 train in the Bronx and proceeded to storm about like a caveman wins the "He SO crazy!" award.

Just take a look at this video of naked subway rider and you'll see what I mean -- even the cop looks hesitant to take this man down, and I think we can assume the police officer was better "armed" than Mr. Nudie Pants.


Apart from the very showy, bare-bottomed display of this mental patient (p.s. I'm not calling him a mental patient in an insulting way, turns out he really was a mental patient and was transported to Lincoln Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation), what really strikes me about this video is that some other random person who happened to be on the subway was filming the whole thing. We now officially live in an age when our fight-or-flight instinct has been replaced with the "Are you getting this? Seriously, are you getting this?" reflex.

I guess that doesn't really bother me, as I kind of like the idea of having bizarre moments that might otherwise fade into obscurity saved for posterity's sake. If I wanted to totally glorify today's quick-thinking filmmakers, I'd compare them to the guys they used to send to battle with art supplies instead of guns or, perhaps more fittingly, the photographers who risk their lives on the front lines to preserve a visual history of war.

But that would be ridiculous. Nope, these Flip and iPhone owners are just looking for their 15 minutes of YouTube fame. But I guess that's okay too.

Would you have videotaped the naked subway lunatic?


Image via YouTube

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