CNN Only Site Not Reporting On Don Lemon Coming Out

don lemonIf you turned on your TV or logged on to your computer today, which I think is a safe assumption, dear reader, you probably heard that Don Lemon, CNN's weekend prime-time anchor, recently came out as gay in his new book, Transparent.

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! An (attractive) 45-year-old man in the media likes other dudes. Let's report about it here, blog about it there, and drum up a list of "10 reasons he should totally date Anderson Cooper." This will be great for ratings! Better for traffic! Oh, the possibilities!

Well, not everyone is writing about him. Not CNN. Go on, take a look.


There's nary a thing on the CNN website right now that "reports" about Don Lemon and his coming out. Could they get an "exclusive interview" with the anchor? Sure. Would it garner lots of attention? You betcha! But the site has chosen to stay mum in what has become a small-time media frenzy. What gives?

Let's see, there's always the possibility that CNN wants to keep a low-pro on the subject, because you never know who gets offended by what and what's controversial to whom. But that's probably not it, because after all, Lemon is certainly not the first CNN anchor to attract attention about being gay (or not gay?), and they're not exactly considered the "straight-laced" network in the news world.

So, could it be that everyone else is just making too big a deal? The irony is not lost on me as I write this post about Lemon, but is this really newsworthy? To be totally honest, on my early morning Internet walk, I must have scrolled by at least five different stories in my Google Reader on the subject. Not once did I click or even give it a second's thought. Who cares? How is this going to affect his job or my life? 

If Lemon was married with two kids and was caught gettin' down and dirty with another guy, okay, then I could see the media-fest. But he's just a guy. Who likes other guys. So, I think CNN had the right idea when they left this off their site, because, really, there are much bigger things going on.

What do you think about all the reporting about Don Lemon?


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