'Dead' Woman Busts Husband for Killing Her

Scott Wellington
Scott Wellington
If you're a little irked with your husband for leaving the toilet seat up or not pulling his weight around the house, his offenses are likely to pale big time in comparison to what a New Hampshire man did. Scott Wellington, 31, told his company that his wife had cancer ... but she didn't.

According to WMUR, the kind company, C&M Machine, actually forked over $7,000 to help pay for non-existent medical expenses. What Wellington did with the money is unclear, though he certainly wasn't sharing it with his wife, because she had no idea he was pulling this scam or that she was married to someone without a conscience.

She may have never known, had he not killed her -- fictionally only, thankfully. For that lie, he gained some bereavement leave.


The wife (whose name isn't being released) learned of her "death" when a sympathy card from Wellington's boss arrived in the mail expressing heartfelt wishes after his wife's death. Can you imagine?

At first you might think it was a mistake, but then to learn that you were living with someone who had done something so vile would be horrific. It's such a Lifetime movie waiting to happen!

The wife at least showed some morals and busted her husband. She called the company to report she was very much alive and perfectly healthy, and he was arrested. He's being arraigned today, and I hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law ... and then some.

I'm not sure how a marriage could survive after something like that. I would run far and fast, if for no other reason than this guy has a heapin' helping of karma headed his way, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near when it hits.

Can you imagine anyone faking a spouse's death just to get some money and time off?

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