Barack Obama Totally Rocks a Young Girl's World

barack obamaI got to hand it to that Barack Obama. He's a pretty solid dude. I think he's gonna go places. In addition to taking on pesky little tasks like health care reform and satiating Donald Trump's cockamamie requests, he's managed to squeeze in eliminating the most dangerous man on planet earth, as well as hook a 14-year-old girl up with Justin Bieber.

It's true. The President made good on his promise to Payton Wall to introduce her to the high top-donning, side-parted, Marg Helgenberger-repelling pop machine. Wall's father was in the World Trade Center attacks, and -- get ready to have your heart ripped out -- before he died, he called Payton and told her, "Payton, I love you and I will always be watching over you."


Damn, right? Well, apparently the President was just as moved as you and I because when he heard Payton's story via the letter she wrote him -- and how she loves her some Biebs, like any good teenager should -- well, he knew what he had to do.

After meeting Payton in New York last week, Obama had his people call Bieber's people; Bieber agreed to "definitely" meet Payton when he returns to the U.S. from his tour; bing-bang-boom, Payton's all set to be the envy of her freshman class.

Can we all just take a moment to take this in? The President of the United States, the leader of the free world, is taking time out from "doing whatever it is he does" in that crazy-shaped office to make a young girl's wish come true. That's hard-core. That makes me feel bad that I canceled drinks with a friend last week because I was "too tired." 

I bet if there's one thing Barack Obama's staff never imagined they'd be doing when they came aboard, it's calling teeny-bopper icons. But the fact that they are? It's a beautiful thing.

How great is Obama for doing this?


Image via jamesomalley/Flickr

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