Friday the 13th & Other Things We Should Fear Right Now

With only 8 days until the apocalypse, according to Family Radio, a California-based sectarian Christian group that claims that May 21, 2011 will be Judgment Day, we are all going to need a little more luck than usual. Unfortunately, with Friday the 13th looming large upon the calendar (and us), it doesn't seem luck is in the cards. 

If you don't believe in the superstition, think again. This year, in particular, things may get a bit freaky. Friday the 13th is a date most famous for bringing bad luck, perhaps even more than black cats and Ouija boards. This year, four planets will align over Sydney, Australia's eastern horizon, an event that hasn't happened since 1910 and will likely not happen again in our lifetime.

So, yeah, there is some freaky deaky stuff in the air, but there is a lot out there scarier than Friday the 13th. Here are a few things scarier than the 13th falling on a Friday:

  • Gas prices: As much as $4.50 a gallon in some places!
  • The Royal Wedding: Are we bored of this yet? How many times can we admire Pippa Middleton's behind?
  • Princess Diana death photos: Yes, a film premiering at the Cannes Film Festival will show these.
  • Bad weather and flooding: The South and many other parts of the country have been wrecked by floods and tornadoes.
  • Bad TV: NBC's Parenthood has not officially been renewed for a third season yet! What will we watch?

Feel any better? If not, there are many ways you can ward off bad luck. Here are 13:

  1. Find a horseshoe -- Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck. Hang it with the ends pointed up!
  2. Turn seven times, clockwise -- This was said to ward off evil and break curses.
  3. Throw a pinch of salt over left shoulder
  4. Carry a rabbit's foot 
  5. Keep umbrellas shut in the house
  6. Don't walk under a ladder
  7. Carry a four-leaf clover
  8. Try to see a shooting star
  9. Find a penny, head's up!
  10. Get a ladybug to land on you: This brings good luck, but killing it will bring bad!
  11. Look out for rainbows
  12. Acorns: In Norse folklore, both the acorn and its bearer, the oak tree, bring good fortune.
  13. Use a red Chinese lantern: These are good luck in Chinese culture. 

In just 24 short hours, we will be on the tail end of this inauspicious day, but until then, may you have the best of luck on your side!

Do you fear Friday the 13th?


Image via puuikibeach/Flickr

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