Newt Gingrich Must Think Republicans Are Idiots

newt gingrich presidentOh, Newt Gingrich. Why couldn't he just disappear with lots of other flash-in-the-pan, annoying things from the '90s, like Airwalk shoes, JNCO jeans, and Milli Vanilli? Nope, instead he had to decide to make a "comeback" and today finally make an official announcement that he's running for president in 2012.

In a YouTube video after announcing his candidacy on Twitter, he said he believes "we can return America to hope and opportunity" and ...

I want your help, because no one person in the Oval Office can get this done. We Americans are going to have to talk together, work together, find solutions together and insist on opposing ... those forces that don’t want to change.

What's that, Newt? You want ... HOPE and CHANGE? Hmmmmm!!! That sounds suspiciously familiar!


Political rhetoric stolen right out of our current President's playbook. Nice one, Newt.

Forget that this is a man who is haunted by a past of affairs and two divorces and is now trying to talk the same talk and walk the same walk as social conservatives. How about the fact that he's clearly trying to act like he's inventing the wheel with a campaign steeped in tough talk about taking on The System? The same entity -- and party, might I add -- that he's been a part of for over two decades? 

Does he think that no one remembers how loathed he was as Speaker of the House? Perhaps everyone in this country came down with a case of amnesia that allowed us to forever forget that he's the same guy who blocked progress (Medicare, education, the environment, public health, etc.) under the Clinton administration, leading to a temporary government shutdown? Yeah, the time it actually happened, it wasn't just a threat.

Almost needless to say, his track record doesn't speak very well to his ability to get Americans to "work together" or to unify an extremely polarized country. A leader who can do that is what Americans on both sides of the aisle keep saying they want after all. 

But for some reason -- likely because he's a megalomaniac (ha, sort of like another ridiculous failure of a guy with a big mouth who thinks he's the center of the universe) -- Gingrich believes the GOP is gullible enough to nominate him to run against President Obama next year. Thankfully, his early, dismal poll numbers show that the Republican base has more of a clue than Gingrich anticipates. They already seem to realize his hypocritical, recycled rhetoric is stale ... and if they have even a glimmer of a hope of winning next year, their party has gotta do better.

What do you think about Gingrich's announcement to run?


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