Escaped Zoo Animals Are Trying to Tell Us Something!

peacockA missing peacock. An escaped cobra. What's next -- an angry, disappeared tiger?

Much to the apprehension of its neighbors, the Bronx Zoo is having all kinds of trouble keeping its animals under lock and key. Earlier this week, one of the zoo's free-roaming peahens managed to escape from her enclosure and spent a day and night lost before a mechanic found her in a garage 10 blocks away. (She's since been returned to the zoo.)

Of course, who can blame her? She was just following in the footsteps of another recently escaped animal. Mia, an Egyptian cobra, slithered out of her cage back in April and was found a few days later. If you're counting, that's two escaped fugitives in a little more than a month.

Are these animals trying to tell us something?


One thing we know for sure: Zoos are controversial. Proponents argue that in addition to being educational, zoos provide a sanctuary for animals that have no other place to go. Opponents, however, claim zoos are little more than prisons for wild animals held against their will. While we can't solve the great debate today as to whether they are cruel or good to animals, we can look to the example of the two rogue animals who recently tried to escape their confines. Just look at this tweet from the peahen:

peahen tweet

Has there ever been such a blatant cry for help? It sounds like the poor hungry peahen practically starves at the Bronx Zoo! And check out her reaction to being caught Wednesday:

DAMMIT. #f*ckthepolice.

Clearly, this is one peahen who wanted nothing more than to be free. And don't even get me started on the cobra. Here's one of her many miserable tweets after she was returned to the zoo:

So sad! Even after being captured, she's still desperate to bust out. Which only begs the question: What's so bad about the Bronx Zoo?


Image via ManoharD/Flickr

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