Indiana Governor Won’t Let You Get an Abortion

planned parenthood chartOh, Mitch Daniels, why are you so dumb? Why would you go and sign a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood "effective immediately"? That is hat with a propeller on it, slip on a banana peel dumb!

The Governor of Indiana signed the bill yesterday not because he has a personal vendetta against Planned Parenthood, but because they provide abortions. See, the bill isn't just against Planned Parenthood, sillies. It's against all entities that provide abortions. Except hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers are exempted. So, in this crazy twist of irony, it winds up only affecting Planned Parenthood. Nope, no vendettas there.


Will people like Daniels ever get it? Has this not been gone over before? If you'll take a look at this here handy-dandy chart, you'll notice that, well, abortions really don't make up that much of what Planned Parenthood actually does. The majority of their services are for contraception and STD treatment and prevention, followed by cancer screenings and prevention. Actually, if you look hard enough, you'll see that abortions only take up that itty-bitty sliver on the chart. Yep, they're only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does. So, why are you stopping their funding, Daniels?

What's that? Oh, I hear you, because you're in a position of power and you want your personal religious beliefs instilled in your fine state. Doesn't matter if low income women want to come in for a breast cancer screening or treatment of an STD. Hey, as long as you're keeping church and state together, it's allll good!

Planned Parenthood is trying to prevent the move by seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction with the help of the ACLU. Let's hope that this is temporary indeed and that justice is restored, so women can get the health care they deserve. Dumb.

What do you think of Mitch Daniels signing this bill?


Image via Planned Parenthood

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