Big Anderson Cooper Secret Exposed on CNN (VIDEO)

anderson cooperAnderson Cooper, the sympathetic and serious CNN anchor we've come to know and love, has been keeping something important from us all. And that huge, unbelievable secret came out on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. On air. For God, Rachel Maddow, and everyone else to hear.

Anderson had no idea he was going to be ambushed like that on his own show, and he threatened to fire members of his staff who revealed this secret from his past to millions of viewers without his approval.

The secret?


Anderson Cooper had purple hair!

That's right, folks, before he was the Silver Fox, Mr. Cooper was a shy little boy with a big head of uncontrollable purple hair, who apparently liked to dress in sparkly Liberace-like clothes.

Take a look:


Oh wait, that wasn't actually Anderson Cooper. My mistake. It was Wally Norden, the world's youngest bear trainer.

What do you think of the prank the 360 staff pulled on Anderson?


Image via CNN

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