Latest Break in Long Island Serial Killer Case Is Bad News

In news that is sure to horrify anyone who lives near the Long Island Serial Killer's dumping grounds, it seems police now believe that there is more than one killer at work in this horrific case.

The hunt for the Long Island Craigslist Serial Killer has gone on for months now. Police have found eight bodies on and around the same beach, including one that belonged to a female toddler around 18 months old and another that belonged to an Asian man who died a "violent death" of an unknown cause.

Police believe now that more than one killer is using this spot as a dumping ground not only because of the varied ages and now sexes of the victims, but also because of the manner of disposal. The toddler's body was wrapped in a blanket and whoever dumped it made no attempt to hide it, whereas the body of the female near it was clearly treated in a way that made it obvious someone tried to hide it. 

So why this spot?


It sounds like it's remote enough for people to go undetected. In fact, the same area was used as a dumping ground before. Starting in 2000, the remains of four people were found over a three-year period. Two of the victims were men.

Mike Hara, 55, has lived in a single-family home since 1991 on a cul-de-sac in Manorville, about a half-mile from where parts of one body was found. He told The New York Times:

That was the talk of the neighborhood. It made everyone a little more security-conscious.

Well, duh. Serial killers tend to do that. But why this area? The answer to that seems a little obvious. Some of these body parts were dumped almost a decade ago and yet they're just now being discovered. Clearly more than one person has caught on to the idea that this area is remote enough and unused enough to dump bodies.

What mysteries does this remote piece of beachfront land hold? And why has no one caught on to building in this area? Given how overpopulated New York is, it's hard to imagine that ANY place is that remote and that some land developer with morals almost as shaky as a serial killer's hasn't already seized the opportunity.

In this case, remote = body dumping ground, but for Manhattan's elite, couldn't remote = great vacation spot?

No spot should be so unknown to sane people and so well-known to (multiple) madmen. Seems it's time to build a casino on that spot. Maybe it would save some lives.

Does this make you wonder about this area, too?


Image via Barbara L. Hanson/Flickr

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