Osama bin Laden's Million Dollar Mansion Drops in Value (Duh)

osama bin laden houseWhile we're all talking about catching a glimpse of photos of the mansion where the Navy SEALs (whooo! those guys are fierce!) took down Osama bin Laden, there are a few real estate agents that have other things on their mind. Like, is that mansion really worth a cool million? Believe it or not, this has been an actual discussion. As in, who's going to get this listing? How fast can we move this place? 

As it turns out, the manse was quite overvalued. And that was before all that shooting and stuff.


Early reports of bin Laden's million-dollar mansion were apparently way off the mark. According to "local real estate experts," there's no way that mansion could have pulled seven figures. Do you think it was the lack of Internet and phones lines that made this expert say it was only worth $250K? That, and the fact that the location is nothing to write home about. Abbottabad is a domestic tourist spot, but also primarily a military town. So kind of like upstate New York that includes West Point. Deals can be had! Or if you want to sell it down, like the real estate dude of Pakistan:

No swimming pool. This is not a posh area. We call it a middling area.

That might be my favorite thing I've heard about the compound that housed the most evil man of modern times. Or second most. The other little problem with the property?

... the damage done to the compound during Monday’s raid can’t have been good for the property value.

You don't say? Also, how about the fact that a nasty, nasty killer lived there? Or, you know, maybe there are booby traps hanging about? Or millions of people who will know that spot as "where that huge asshole lived."

There are so many things to bring down that property, outside of the rubble left behind from the U.S. military kick-ass troop. So, who's going to scoop up this deal?

Image via orangeacid/Flickr

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