Naming Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC Chair Is a Win for All Women

debbie wasserman schultzToday marks an exciting victory for women and Democrats! Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been named the new chairman of the Democratic party. The 44-year-old Schultz is the first woman to be elected to head the DNC in nearly four decades. Sheesh! President Barack Obama selected her to replace former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine

As an outspoken Democratic woman myself, I'm definitely a fan of Debbie's. I've seen her on political talk shows, and it's no wonder she's always invited back to speak from the liberal perspective, because she's got quite the reputation as a sharp partisan with an outspoken style. In other words, exactly what the Democratic party could use a dose of!

While this may initially just seem like a big win for Democrats, having Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the head of the DNC is also a major achievement for all American women ...


Schultz isn't just a strong woman when it comes to politics. Her personal life has presented battle after battle, which she's handled with absolute grace. Specifically, did you know that she's had SEVEN surgeries related to breast cancer ... while maintaining her responsibilities as a member of the House? In 2009, she increased efforts to promote early screening for breast cancer (insert crowd-cheering and applause here). She also somehow managed to maintain an aggressive schedule campaigning during her recovery from those seven operations.

Donna Brazile, who has been the interim chairwoman since Kaine stepped down on April 5, wrote of Schultz:

For more than 20 years, she has stood out as a proven leader, doing all she can to protect Medicare for America’s seniors and create good jobs for Florida’s workers. And guided by her experiences battling cancer, teaching at Broward Community College and raising three young children, she understands the struggles Americans of every background confront each and every day.

What's more, she plans to remain in Congress while taking on her new duties. That way, she can hopefully continue to fight back against the war on women and choice that Republicans have been waging in the House for months now.

But no matter what party you side with, you gotta admit ... A mom, a congresswoman, and a cancer survivor, Debbie is one tough woman. She deserves to be at the top.


Image via veni markovski/Flickr

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