Ice Cream Truck Sent to Troops In Afghanistan

ice cream afghanistan truckFormer soldier Neil Peacock and two of his friends wanted to give some servicemen and women overseas a little taste of home. So they bought a van on eBay (using $49,000 of their own money)  and turned it into Afghanistan's first official ice cream truck.

The three ex-soldiers painted the truck, called ConeKAF (KAF is the airfield's abbreviation), in camouflage with a "Mind the Troops" sign on the back and hired two women to serve up ice cream.

The arrival of the truck is announced by its 'Whistle While You Work," chimes. And for about $2 for, British and American troops stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, can enjoy a cool cone. Local kids get theirs for free.


There's no word on what the ice cream flavors are, but I'm thinking they could be things like Bunker Berry, Camo-Chocolate Chip, Round Ripple or ... Freedom Fudge. BAM.

The timing of the truck couldn't be any better. Men and women in uniform are celebrating one of America's biggest victories in the War on Terror with the killing of terrorist Osama Bin Laden. And now in Kandahar, they're celebrating with ice cream. Eat up, my friends.

What do you think of Afghanistan's new ice cream truck?

Image via Capt. Andrew Adcock/ DVIDS

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