Kate Middleton Joins 'Royal Housewives' of Buckingham Palace

kate middletonThe royal wedding may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't discuss or dwell on the aftermath! What comes next for Kate Middleton -- err, I mean, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, oh, I mean, the Duke of Cambridge? Will it just be business as usual for the royal newlyweds? What's Kate -- err, Catherine, as she prefers to be called -- going to spend her time doing? According to British press, she plans to be "just a regular housewife" for up to two years post-"I do."

On her post-honeymoon itinerary, there are only commitments to go watch Prince William play in a couple of polo matches and attend key-note events, like Trooping the Colour and the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday ...


Aides admit Kate intends to spend most of her time with Wills in Anglesey ... "pursuing other interests." (How vague.) And the duchess herself has told friends she wants to enjoy life for as long as she can as an "ordinary RAF (Royal Air Force) wife" in their rented farmhouse in North Wales. Wills is supportive, because he doesn't want to just throw her to the "bear-pit" of public life right off the bat.

I am down with all of this. I get needing some time off after a big, huge, life-changing event. I get wanting to spend quality time with your partner before launching into the stratosphere of a very public life ... or even before launching a family. (Wonder when kids factor into this two-year plan?) But it's still a bit frustrating to think that Kate is not going to do any real work for so long ... for a couple of reasons.

First of all, whether she likes it or not, she's a role model to girls and women worldwide. But I certainly can't look up to someone who quits her job the minute she gets engaged (with the excuse that she has to plan a wedding and prepare for her life as a royal), and then gets hitched and says, "Eh, charity work shmerk." Sources tell the Mail:

[Catherine] will, in time, become associated with her own charities but this won’t happen immediately as she wants to explore the fields that interest her first.

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit judgy, but she's almost 30 years old -- she doesn't know what fields interest her by now? Actually, she's probably just being cautious about committing to anything quite yet, and I'm sure at some point, perhaps two years from now, she'll be giving back big time. But to make it like sitting at home doin' a whole lotta nothin' -- I'm sorry -- "pursuing other interests" for two years is some kind of ideal that every woman wishes they had ... the chance to just be an "ordinary wife"? It's ridiculous. Unless they mean a "normal wife" circa 1952?

Furthermore, being a puppy to her "RAF hubby" can't possibly be good for their relationship. I don't see William as one of those guys who wants his wife to be strictly devoted solely to him. You just have to look at his mom to know that. Di was extremely committed to her family, but she also had a wealth of other interests, friends, causes, etc.

Maybe she thinks all will be best if she plays the role of "little woman" for a little while, but for the sake of her own sanity and her new royal marriage, Kate/Catherine/the Duchess of Cambridge (etc.) would likely do well to begin cultivating a life of her own.

What do you think about Kate Middleton's decision to be "an ordinary RAF wife" for the first two years of their marriage?


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