Lara Logan Rape Details Should Be Broadcast Everywhere (VIDEO)

Just three months after sustaining a brutal sexual assault, Lara Logan, the chief foreign correspondent for CBS News, came out swinging in a 13-minute interview detailing the attack for 60 Minutes. The details are sickening and hard to hear, but the courage to share them is what makes Logan such a unique person.

Logan was reporting on the joy and excitement in Egypt on February 11 after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned. But Tahrir Square turned violent when their camera battery went down and Logan was pulled into the crowd, surrounded by a mob, and assaulted.

Perhaps most chilling are the details of what they said and did as she screamed. The more she screamed, the more they tore at her clothing and stuck their hands inside of her. Someone shouted that she was an Israeli and a Jew and that only made them more violent. She thought she would die.


These details are the kinds most women, especially female journalists, wouldn't want to share. It makes them vulnerable, but not just in the sexual sense. They are also vulnerable to ridicule. Logan was blamed for her attack, told she didn't need to be there.

Even women who should know better said things about how choosing to leave her family so that she could report on dangerous current events was wrong. And yet, it's her job. It's her life. The idea that she should be at home tending to the babies while the men get to do the job she loves just because there is a danger that she could be sexually assaulted is wrong.

How backwards does that seem? Basically we've just said that women can't do what they want because it's "too dangerous." Nobody said television journalist Bob Woodruff was a fool for being in Iraq when he was critically wounded by a roadside bomb. Anderson Cooper was also attacked in Egypt and no one mentioned the way he looked or suggested it as the reason he was targeted. 

Knowing all this, Logan could have gone into a corner, licked her wounds, and tried to ignore the hate. But she didn't. She came back with a ferocity that few of us might be able to muster after what she endured. She doesn't shy away from the details that make us cringe. She tells us what happened so we might know just what it's like for women worldwide.

To say she shouldn't have been there or that she somehow deserved it is to say what happened to her is OK. It's letting that mob of people who attacked her and put her in the hospital and nearly ripped her apart off the hook. Logan won't do that. She will not sit down quietly even though she knows those hundreds of men who ripped off her clothing and tore at her scalp and stuck their filthy hands into her most intimate spots will never be brought to justice.

She is brave enough to do this for all of us women. I just hope we're smart enough and open enough to listen to her.

Do you think she is as incredible as I do?


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