Teacher Gary Weddle Shaves Beard for First Time Since 9/11 (VIDEO)

Gary Weddle beardThe death of Osama bin Laden brought true freedom for at least two people in America. Their names are Gary Weddle and his wife, Donita. Never heard of 'em? They're just regular Americans, but for the first time since September 11, 2001 -- when Gary vowed he wouldn't shave his beard until the Al Qaeda leader was caught -- the teacher from Washington State felt a razor at his cheek on Sunday.

Apparently he heard the news of bin Laden's death, and by the time President Obama's address began, almost 10 years of scraggly gray hair was gone. Yup, dude was that desperate to be scruff-free. Can we get a Braveheart-style Freeeeeedom cry?


If not from Gary, how about a little love from Donita Weddle at least? She just got her husband back. With the hair gone, she says her husband looks 10 years younger -- which means he's been returned to the guy he was when the towers came down and he started growing the scruff (thinking bin Laden would be captured in six months at the max -- oh, didn't we all?). So we're talking freedom to snuggle again without scratchy cheeks! And here the Weddles were starting to think this was going to be a life sentence:


I've got to hand it to Gary; he's got the stick-to-it-iveness (yes, I made that word up) that American kids need to learn. Good thing he's a teacher. But he's definitely a guy who deserved to be sprung from his prison.

Would you be able to stick with something like this? What do you think of Gary sans beard?


Image via ABC

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