Osama bin Laden 'Mansion' -- Look Inside! (VIDEO)

Osama Bin Laden mansion living room
Inside bin Laden's mansion
Many of us felt a shock of bitterness when we heard Osama bin Laden, evil terrorist killer of innocents, was living in a $1 million mansion before special forces took him out yesterday. The tiny twinge of payback we felt we got against this man who committed such horrific crimes was in knowing that he was hunkering down in a cold, dark cave somewhere in Afghanistan, never able to live a free life, in a prison of his own making. It helped knowing this. Sort of.

But the media firestorm surrounding bin Laden's targeted killing revealed that, no, in fact, the monster had been shot dead in huge, three-story mansion. What???


Well, save your jealousy for some other rich and horrible monster. In Osama bin Laden's so-called mansion, there are no marble floors or vaulted ceilings, no servants or golden trays stacked high with the day's feast. In fact, there is barely a view out the sparse windows. Gruesome blood stains from the recent deaths and obvious signs of ransacking aside, the interior of this compound is still dark and unadorned, the furniture barren. This man was, indeed, living in a hovel of sorts. A gigantic hovel. But still. The place is awful, dinghy, and depressing.

WATCH this video from inside Bin Laden's mansion (warning: graphic blood stains)

What's your reaction to bin Laden's mansion? Is this what you expected?


Image via ABC

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