Thank God for Rush Limbaugh: An Open Letter (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
Today Rush Limbaugh thanked God for President Obama. Thanked God! For our President! Yeah right, and then you woke up, ya dreamer. Of course, Rush was kidding, delivering a tongue in cheek congratulations to President Obama for his role in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

In his sarcastic praise, Limbaugh said:

President Obama has done something extremely effective, and when he does, this needs to be pointed out ... In fact, it may be that President Obama single handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this [military operation] off.

Rush suggested President Obama was taking complete and undue credit for this military operation, and he also not-so-subtly reminded listeners that Obama has only taken the reigns on something that President Bush started.

Wow, Rush, you never cease to amaze me. In fact, I feel an open letter coming on ... totally inspired by your exact words about President Obama today.


First, WATCH Rush Limbaugh's comments about the President:

which inspired ...

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,

We need to open this letter today by congratulating you, Rush Limbaugh. You have done something extremely effective in your news coverage of Osama bin Laden's targeted killing today, and when you do something effective, this needs to be pointed out ... In fact, it may be that you, Rush Limbaugh, single handedly came up with the technique in order to pull this particular type of coverage off.

You see, other right-wing, conservative talk-show hosts wanted to go on the air today and bomb the President's victories like they always do. They wanted to go in there and drop missiles about the President's "giant ego" and launch cruel bombs about First Lady Michelle Obama's physique or use a number of other totally destructive techniques. But, you Rush Limbaugh, are perhaps the only qualified right-wing pundit to do this day after day. No one else could go at things with such a cantankerous self-righteousness. Just you, Rush Limbaugh!

Not the 10-year old boy who's always mad at his pesky little brother. Not the drug addict who says rehab sucks just because he can't kick his habit. Not Victoria Jackson. Not a single other person who's mad at the world came up with the brilliant idea of withholding every single ounce of credit to the President, who -- with the help of the enormous advisory team who holds him up every day backed by the skill and resourcefulness of the military special forces -- ultimately made the final, risky decision to strategically take out our nation's most-wanted terrorist. And succeeded.

Some right wingers actually wanted to go out, put petty politics aside, and celebrate this national victory ... but you, Rush Limbaugh, single-handedly understood what was at stake here. You alone understood the need to keep the bitterness alive, along with your inability to show gratitude and hopefulness EVER. You, Rush Limbaugh single-handedly and alone who came up with the strategy that brought about the effective assassination of this national day of triumph.

Thank God for Rush Limbaugh.


A person who learned to say "thank you" a long, long time ago


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