Donald Trump Speech Proves He's a Great Reality Star, Bad Politican

donald trumpEver since President Obama released his long-form birth certificate earlier this week, Donald Trump has found himself with even less to talk about. So how does he while away the minutes during his stump speeches and entertain his adoring supporters? It's quite simple, really: He's resorted to cursing and childish name-calling.

In a speech at the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas on Thursday night, Trump let loose a profanity-laced tirade against the United States and its leaders and even dropped an F-bomb. It was a performance you'd expect on a trashy reality TV show (and one that I'm not embarrassed to admit I'd contentedly watch). But in the political arena at a time when so many Americans are anxiously concerned about their futures and the future of the country as a whole? Yeah, not so much.


In his speech, Trump called America "not a great country"; he called our leaders "stupid ... stupid people"; and when discussing his potential run for president, he said, "There is a really good chance that I won't win because of one of these blood-sucking politicians." Now, it's one thing to disagree with our leadership. Criticizing our leaders is the right of every American. But the juvenile way Trump has taken to doing it doesn't further the conversation -- it stagnates it. Is there no other way to drum up support?

Admittedly, there was some substance to his speech (even if you don't agree with it) -- namely, his argument that the U.S. always finds money for foreign aid and foreign wars while domestic issues that need just as much attention and funding get ignored. But when that message is couched in ridiculous statements like this ...

[Saudi Arabia] wants to go in and raise the price of oil because we don't have anyone in Washington that sits back and says, "You're not going to raise that f*cking price."

... it's really difficult to take Trump seriously.

If Trump wants to participate in the political discourse on a national scale, fine. But he needs to tone down his "act" and focus instead on his message (if he has any). On really bad days, the political landscape in this country already plays out like a bad reality show. The last thing we need is another name-calling rabble-rouser thrown into the mix.

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