Does Mother Who Filmed Her Kids in the Tub Deserve to Lose Them?

In a horrible case out of Sweden, a woman who was trying to prove that her children were being molested by their father was arrested and lost custody of her children after she filmed them in the bath to try to prove the abuse.

The mother, who is divorced, made the film after her 4-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter started acting out in a sexual manner and she suspected their father of abuse. What was on the film isn't clear, but it seems it showed them doing something sexual. And she lost her kids for it.

After showing her tape to investigators, her children were removed from her home and she spent the night in jail. And even though she was released and the investigation was dropped, the father now has custody of the kids.


Investigators told Swedish local news:

It hasn’t been confirmed that the children have been sexually abused by their father, but to let the children continue with what they were doing in the tub is abuse.

Now, of course, the question is: Is this some custody dispute gone awry or was there really some abuse going on that these children must now suffer every day?

It's a hard call. Allowing the children to do whatever they were doing in the bath (which one has to assume was explicit for it to lead to arrest) is inexplicably irresponsible. On the other hand, what mother wouldn't be distraught if her young children started acting out sexually?

By showing the video to the investigators, it tells me that she truly thought she was in the right. If there was bad intent, why would she go directly to the police with her "evidence"?

Whatever the real story here, my heart breaks for the two children caught in the middle. Worst case scenario, their mom is telling the truth and they're now in the custody of an abusive monster. In the best case, their mom is a vindictive woman who exploited her children in order to get more custody. Either way, the kids lose. It's a horrible story.

Do you think what this mom did is abuse?

Image via Wyscan/Flickr

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