Tanning Salon: Safest Place to Be in a Tornado?

tanning bedDon't listen to the warnings that indoor tanning beds will kill you. In the case of a Georgia woman and her two daughters, it actually saved their lives!

Lisa Rice, owner of S&L Tans in Trenton, Georgia, happened to be in the salon with her two daughters, Stormy and Sky (I swear I'm not making this up), when Wednesday's tornadoes ripped through town. What did they do? They took cover in the safest place they could think of ...


A tanning bed! The three piled into one bed, closed the lid, and waited out the storms. Rice described the experience:

 ... we just laid there for a few minutes. I kept telling them just to be quiet, it's not over. And the wind kept blowing and then finally it calmed down and we got out and climbed out of the building.

The news from the South of the death and destruction caused by the storms is heartbreaking. What a relief to hear at least one story with a happy ending!


Image via Evil Erin/Flickr

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