Michelle Obama Shares Secrets at 'Take Your Kid to Work Day' Event

michelle obamaAs you know, today is Take Your Kid to Work Day. Woo-hoo! Well, not really woo-hoo for me, as I'm a little too old to go to work with my dad, and I don't have any children of my own, but I'll woo-hoo for any ol' holiday! Especially ones where you don't have to cook big meals or buy expensive gifts.

Someone who did celebrate, though, is First Lady Michelle Obama, and boy did she celebrate big. She spoke out to a room full of children on Take Your Child to Work Day at an event at the White House. And she fielded questions at the end! Is there anything cuter than little kids asking questions? Especially when they're good ones! Check out some of the insightful questions -- and interesting answers -- the First Lady took on today.


First, you should know that Michelle was ever-so gracious, as she always is, with the children. If any of them were to get nervous or stutter, she waited patiently and offered kind words. "It's okay ... take your time." It was all very sweet. But she also offered great answers to everything she was asked. Well, mostly great. Here are some things we learned about Mrs. Obama.

What is her favorite color? Lavender.

What is her favorite sport? Tennis.

What is her favorite thing to do with Bo? Wait for it ... cuddle! Awwwww!

What is her favorite room at the White House? The Yellow Oval Room -- can you blame her?

What is her favorite football team? Da Bears. No wait, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Er, she meant the Giants! No, the Jets! Dallas Cowboys! Ahhh! Which is it, Michelle? Guess she was trying to please everyone.

Her favorite book? (Nice question.) Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, which evidently helped foster her love of reading. And she actually read it cover to cover in one day. Damn, Einstein!

Does she spend a lot of time with Bo? Yes! Except he's in the White House garden each morning from about 9-12. And when he's out there, he doesn't want anything to do with her. Ouch!

What type of school do the girls go to? A Quaker school. I actually did not know that. Interesting.

What's her favorite part of being First Lady? Meeting kids. No ... really?

Which does she like better: The White House or her old house? I think this is my favorite question, actually. She says she likes both, but you can totally tell she likes her old house better. She kept talking about how they made so many memories there ... then, she snapped out of it and chirped, "But we're making memories here, too!"

Did she plant the White House garden? No. Well, a little. She and a team of children did. And it only took them a half hour! However, she is not the person doing the watering and weeding every day.

Had she ever been to the White House before she moved in? Once. On a tour! She's just like us!

One last, cute little tidbit. Both Sasha and Malia have read every single Harry Potter cover to cover. Together. They're just like us, too.

What do you think of the First Lady's answers?


Image via AlexJohnson/Flickr

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