Ron Paul 2012 Announcement Riles Up 5 People

Ron PaulIf you're getting sick of hearing about Donald Trump pretending he's not running for president all the time, some good news. Ron Paul isn't pretending. He told Sean Hannity yesterday that he's making a big announcement in Iowa today. He'll be launching his own exploratory committee, the first step in a bid for the White House.

Of course, announcing it on Fox News the night before your big announcement makes for a rather anti-climactic, um, announcement? But fret not, my pets. Ron Paul will still have a pile of peeps practically salivating at the thought of voting for their favorite no-shot-in-hell candidate come 2012. A taste of who will be watching the announcement after the announcement today:


1. The 17,006 Californians who decided to add a write-in candidate to the 2008 presidential ballot. Even as Ron Paul was running for re-election to Congress in his home state of Texas, having given up the ghost on a presidential bid, these plucky Golden State folks were willing to give him a shot at the White House. Naturally, Barack Obama got the bid instead.

2. Rand Paul. After campaigning for Papa Paul in 2008, the son of the Texas doctor rode Daddy's fundraising coattails right into the Senate last election. Now it would be awfully nice for the junior Senator from Kentucky to have a pal in the White House. One who doesn't think he's "Too Kooky for Kentucky."

3. Members of the Louisiana Taxpayers Party. They may not be a national party, but gosh darnit they count. When they chose Ron Paul as their presidential candidate in 2008, they earned him 0.5 percent of the vote -- more than any other third-party candidate in the state. That and $1 will get him a cup of coffee, but hey, it's saying something!

4. Oversharing Facebook folks. We all know one of these people. They announce when they're cleaning out their cat litter pans. When they shampoo their hair. What they ate for breakfast. And now they have a king in Ron Paul, the man who updates them on HIS every move via his website. We submit for you Exhibit A, an update from Easter Sunday: "I am off to Church and then an Easter Egg hunt with my grandkids before I head to NYC tonight for a couple big days of media promoting Liberty Defined. (currently #14 on Amazon)” Ah, what a wordsmith that guy is!

5. The ACLU. Out of left field? Ah, but the leftist group landed a major coup back in 2009 when it was able to file suit against the TSA on behalf of Paul's "Campaign for Liberty" project when a staffer was (allegedly) unlawfully detained as he carried a ton of cash through an airport. With Paul's reputation for raising big money from small grassroots donors, the chances of another cash-related fiasco happening in a campaign for presidency is more than likely. And there's nothing the ACLU would like more than to take down the TSA in the spotlight of a presidential campaign. Winning!

What about you? Are you excited about Ron Paul running or couldn't care less?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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